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Adrian Bishop Boles Biography

Adrian Bishop Boles draws life from her profession in Public and Community Service. She has served in various capacities in her Faith Walk from early childhood as a Youth Speaker to Sunday School Teacher, Youth Department Director, Minister, Evangelist, Prophetess and Pastor of Covenant Word Worship Center.

Adrian is the Founder and Executive Director of Tears to Freedom, a 501(C)3 Non-Profit organization created to advocate on the needs of the vulnerable, homelessness and individuals that need support and services to improve quality of life.

Adrian is no stranger to Public and Community Service. She is a State of Florida Retiree who spent 30+years in various positions in Mental Health and Substance Abuse. After a successful career in Public Service, she now advises other people on how to achieve the same success.

Adrian specializes in motivational and inspirational coaching/ speaking, multicultural awareness, mental health and substance abuse awareness, leadership training. She is a Life Coach and Advocate for individuals who seek to make life matter and find their place and voice.

Adrian has certifications in Mental Health First Aid, Wellness Recovery and Action Planning, Advanced Level 3 Facilitator for Wellness Recovery and Action Planning. She has a bachelor’s in social services and Public Policy with a Minor in History and a master’s in public administration. She is a member of the American Society of Public Administration.

Adrian loves people and is passionate about being a Change Agent for The Lord and making a difference in the lives of individuals. She provides services that help, change, maintain and strengthen individuals to Freedom. To contact Adrian, please email at adrianbishop01@aol.com or go to website (-----------------------) or call at (google number).